GIFmation 2.5

GIFmation creates animation using gif images with a different animation concept

GIFmation is professional software that takes care of the creation of animation needs. Its user interface is simple and very easy to use in terms of control. The set of features available in this software is very broad. Web pages can now have animations that are optimized enough, created by anyone having this useful software.

GIFmation is efficient and the creation of animation is not only easy but very fast too. Through this software the animation can be as small as imagined. Now animation is no more a matter of frame by frame creation. The animation done with this software is not only brilliant but also its size can be reduced by reducing the color without affecting quality. The result is a highly compressed image.

There are windows in this software that helps in previewing the animations and along with that it has spaces where you can easily do the changes required. It can be used with other applications like image editors. There is an eyedropper tool where a single color or many colors can be set at a time.

These are some of the remarkable features of GIFmation, however there are many other as well:

Ease of use, Highly optimized files, Automatic effects, Better image quality, Advanced animation features, Powerful preview control, Full Drag & Drop support, Image editing capabilities, Absolute palette control, Advanced transparency tools, Extensive file format support, Browser compatibility checking, Powerful preferences capability

Luis Sanchez
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  • Animations for any web page can be created by taking care of the size


  • Too simple GUI
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